Look Behind You.
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Why I think Moffat is a genius and my theory of Doctor Who.

The Doctor has a ganger who is shot by River. 


  • Well first off, this. THIS. This isn’t a production error, as later on this person is lying down. It would have been noticed in post production. Canton is over by his car, and the Silent was on the rocks. I think this is the Doctor. The real Doctor. 
  • The Eleventh Hour - "I hate apples".         
  • The God Complex - *eats apple*        
  • Night Terrors - "(about a Rubix Cube) This is rubbish. It’s broken."        
  • The God Complex - There is a solved rubix cube.
  • Amy was flesh because of Madame Kovarian. The Doctor picked up the trick, so created a ganger of himself to do the exact same to Kovarian.
  • The coat! He is also switching coats! 
  • He’s done it before. In human nature, the Doctor created another version of himself (human) with the purpose of tricking the Family and then dying. 
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